10. Fairmount Bagel

Sesame seed bagel at Fairmount Bagel in Montreal

Right next door to Kem CoBa is Fairmount Bagel, the famous Montreal bakery that has been slinging out “the tastiest bagels in the world” (according to their website) since 1919. Grab a bag of your sesame seeds, your poppy seeds, and your everythings, and you’re good to go.

11. The Lobster BLTA at Deville Dinerbar

The Lobster BTLA at Deville Dinerbar in Montreal

Deville Dinerbar is a stylish late-night eatery in downtown Montreal and one of the best things to order off their menu is the tall but tasty Lobster BLTA—chilled Nova Scotian lobster salad and Black Forest bacon on a brioche bun. It was much better than this grainy 2014 iPhone photo.

12. Vladimir Poutine

Kim poutine at Vladimir Poutine in Montreal
The “Kim” poutine: Nagano pork belly confit in 60 days aged beef fat, caramelized in Cola 1642, cheese and fries

My award for best restaurant concept goes to Vladimir Poutine and its menu of dishes named after authoritarian-style leaders past and present. Poutines on the roster included the Vladimir (smoked meat and Russian dressing), the Mao Tse Tung (foie gras mousse and duck magret), the Rasputin (homemade gravy), the Mussolini (Italian sausage), the Kim (pork belly), the Napoleon (foie gras) and the Fidel (lobster bisque). They also have a Trump burger, natch.

Vladimir Poutine on TripAdvisor | Yelp | Foursquare | Facebook | Official website

13. The Montreal Benny at Eggspectation

The Montreal Benny Eggs Benedict at Eggspectation in Montreal

Come to Eggspectation (multiple Montreal locations) for the clever wordplay, stay for the bevy of delicious egg-related brunch dishes. In my quest to incorporate smoked meat into all my meals, I, of course, ordered the Montreal Benny.

14. Juliette & Chocolat

Ice cream bar at Juliette & Chocolat in Montreal

For the chocolate lovers, Juliette & Chocolat (multiple locations) is a recommended visit. They specialize in all sorts of creative chocolate-based concoctions. I thoroughly enjoyed my ice cream “POP” bar. I believe this is the “Janis JoPOP,” which they describe as “speculoos, dipped in melted dark chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate and topped with brownie bits and Oreo crunch.” Take another little piece of my heart, baby.

15. Cachitos

Cachitos restaurant in Montreal

What are Cachitos? According to the website of this cozy Venezuelan eatery on Saint-Catherine, the Cachito is “a typical Venezuelan bread that is characterized by the slight sweetness of its dough and by its traditional filling of shredded ham and/or cheese.” The best Hot Pockets ever, basically.

16. Gibeau Orange Julep

Gibeau Orange Julep in Montreal

A creamy and refreshing Orange Julius-style drink, ordered at a food counter shaped like a gigantic orange? Oui, yes please!

Gibeau Orange Julep is a bit outside of Montreal proper, but if you find yourself on the road out there, definitely set your sights on the oversized orb and grab a hot dog with the signature beverage.

Gibeau Orange Julep on TripAdvisor | Yelp | Foursquare

17. Marché Jean-Talon

Tomatoes at Marche Jean-Talon in Montreal

Montreal has a fine stable of public markets and Marché Jean-Talon might be the best of them all. Great spot to wander around and see where your appetite takes you.

Marché Jean-Talon on TripAdvisor | Yelp | Foursquare | Official website


Posted on July 18, 2018


17 quick bites in Montreal
17 quick bites in Montreal
17 quick bites in Montreal